Hampton Originals

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1. THE HAMPTON CLUB     5.95

Turkey breast, ham, bacon, Swiss,

lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayonnaise


2. SKYSCRAPER     6.45

Turkey breast, ham, roast beef, american

and provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard

and thousand island on a whole wheat sub roll


3. Turkey Veggie Delight (TVD)     6.25

Turkey Breast, cukes, lettuce, tomato,

sprouts and provolone, w/side of feta ranch

dip on a wheat roll or Greek Pita


4. SUPREME     5.95

Turkey breast, marinated mushrooms,

sprouts, jalapeno cheese, tomato, mayo


5. THE ITALIAN     5.95

Lean ham, genoa salami, turkey breast,

marinated mushrooms, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, special seasonings, on a wheat roll w/mustard


6. THE VEGETARIAN     5.65

Alfalfa sprouts, marinated mushrooms,

provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato


7. BRUTSCHY BEEF     6.45

Roast Beef, imported Swiss, kraut, lettuce,

tomato, mustard, on toasted rye w/1000 island dressing


8. TSHM/HSHM    6.15

Turkey or Ham and Swiss heated on a wheat roll with

spicy mustard, with side of honey mustard dip


9. BLT&A (avocado)     5.65

Ham & Swiss heated on a wheat roll with spicy mustard and

 side of honey mustard dip NEW!!


10. RBHM     6.45

Roast Beef and Swiss heated on a wheat roll with

spicy mustard, with side of honey mustard dip







11. SOUTH OF THE BORDER     6.15

Roast Beef, jalapeno cheese, salsa casara sauce,

lettuce, mayo, tomato on wheat roll


12. RUNNER'S CHOICE     5.95

Turkey Breast, imported Swiss, avocado,

tomato, alfalfa aprouts, mayonnaise


13. J.C. SPECIAL     5.65

Egg salad, bacon, tomato, sprouts, mayo


14. "REUBEN' HOOD     6.45

Premium Corned beef, imported Swiss,

kraut, on toasted rye with dip on side


15. CRABWICH    5.95

Crab salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar


16. HALI CALI     6.15

Turkey breast, swiss cheese, sprouts, spinach,

tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, garlic mayo


17. PASTRAMI 'N SWISS     6.45

Served hot on rye with spicy mustard...A Classic!


18. TUNA BLAST     5.45

Tuna, black olives, provolone cheese, sprouts,

tomatoes, mayonnaise



Chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, bacon


20. ANDY'S CHOICE     6.35

Heated ham, roast beef, kraut and swiss on

toasted wheat w/mustard a side of thousand island


21. TUNA SUB     5.95

Tuna salad on wheat roll with American cheese,

lettuce, tomato, and red onion & special seasonings


22. DOWNTOWN DELUX     6.45

Turkey, roast beef, corned beef, thousand

island and fresh slaw served on rye bread



Prime Roast Beef on rye with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and our own remoulade sauce (dill sauce)



* All sandwiches served with Pickel, stone ground tortilla chips & your choice of potato salad, pasta salad or fruit salad.               Extra sides:  $.95 each

   With sandwich - may sub side garden, greek or caesar salad for $1.25

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                    254-5847     Fax 765-9634                    We Deliver  with $10.00 Minimum